Things to Do After Generating Cleaning Leads for Custodians

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[heading tag=”h3″ align=”center” color=”#000″ style=”lines” color2=”#000″]Here at Cleaning Leads Pro, we are offering double verified leads for a wide range of cleaning services, starting from carpet cleaning, roof, air duct, to gutter sanitation.[/heading]

Generating cleaning leads although may sound simple, but the whole process can consume a lot of time as well as require good convincing power to convert leads into sales.

So, let’s say you have a kick-ass website at work as well as five employees working full-time looking after it.

The individuals are specialized to perform tasks, either technical or creative depending on their skill sets (but it would be even better-having someone that’s multi-talented).

Through informative content and flashy illustrations posted daily, you will soon start observing traffic visiting your website. Keep in mind that the effort must be continuous for at least a year.

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A sweet and personalized email means a long way towards nurturing a healthy client-relationship

Eventually, you will observe more and more visitors on your website and subscribing to your newsletter.

You have their email addresses but now you’re wondering what to do with them.

Send a “Thank You” email:

It’s absolutely essential that you inform your prospects right after they subscribe to your blog.

A simple “Thank You”email also shows your appreciation towards the other individual that’s interested in what you have to offer.

A “thank you” note is almost equivalent to shaking hands in person with someone you have just met.

Avoid using any default “Thank You” template so you can preserve the originality and true friendliness in your tone.

Find out ways of lead nurturing online to encourage more visitors to stick to your website.

Become a problem solver:

Targeting a particular niche is equally important because it clarifies the visitors about what you intend to offer and ways you can solve their problems.

When you’re uploading usefully relevant as well as informative content on a daily basis, chances are that more people are likely to sign up and stay.

Come up with feasible solutions for problems commonly experienced by like-minded individuals involved in generating cleaning leads, and discuss ways to overcome those problems.

Each content must articulate niche-specific info while maintaining a conversational tone that readers can easily comprehend.

Check out the “Bounce Rate” factor from Google Analytics. The lower the percentage, the longer visitors are spending and/or interacting with your website.

[highlight background=”” color=””]Lack of structure and improper grammar usage can repel web visitors almost immediately after landing on a website.[/highlight]

Share informative content with visitors:

Thorough keyword research and optimizing content accordingly will attract the right leads into your funnel.

This can be an effective way to generate a sense of trust in prospects, which is also a proven method of making people feel important about themselves.

Avoid digressing from the topic that you generally write about, or people are likely to get confused.

Before you start sending out those industry-specific and targeted contents to your lead lists, you need to segment those pieces for better interaction.

Encourage the subscribers to Like/Follow your social media channels, and if those individuals get intrigued by your offer, they are likely going to look up for your Cleaning Leads Pro Facebook page.

Reveal testimonials of existing clientele:

Human beings can be easily influenced by their peers; therefore, if you can prove that there are plenty of other people out there that rely on your service, then the incoming visitors will also sign up without a second thought.

Frequently remind and motivate your prospects to sign up for your newsletter for more insightful and relevant information.

Naturally, a steady flow of content, as well as a quick response to the queries made by different visitors to your site indicates that your service is also genuine and actually cares about customers.

Include personal research and discovery:

Tailoring content for attracting new leads and following a proper marketing strategy.

Everything you seek can be found right beneath the fingertips.

That’s right, I am talking about search engines like Google and Bing with countless information on various topics.

But how does one stand out from the rest?

This is when personal research can come in handy.

When you have something unique to offer, every search engine will prioritize your platform over others that compete on the same ground.

Which led me to write on how telemarketing can be used to set more janitorial appointments.

Case studies, as well as infographics explaining complicated business concepts, are effective ways to attract more web visitors.

Discuss the offered product/service:

In the midst of all the benefits, it’s also imperative that customers are aware of the value your offered product or service can bring on the table.

If people are truly benefited from using your product, encourage them to leave reviews on your website to gain traction.

Product/service reviews are extremely crucial for a business as potential buyers are more likely to believe in customers that have already experienced it.

Unfortunately, reviews can be bought with as low as $50; however, the process can forever tarnish a brand in case the product fails to deliver the promise.

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On the same note, I urge you to leave a comment below if you have anything specific to ask.

Quick recap:

Let’s review all the steps following lead conversion once again.

The product description must elaborate on the intrinsic benefits of the item you wish to sell.
  1. Find out as much as you can about your visitors through Google Analytics.
  2. Curate more informative content so that your followers can relate.
  3. Encourage followers to either subscribe or like your page(s) online.
  4. Segment leads to cater to more targeted content for followers.
  5. Talk about what you have to offer in detail.
  6. Include testimonials from the existing clients to build a sense of trust.
  7. Include primary data in the form of case studies and self-explanatory illustrations.
  8. Nurture leads routinely to remind them about you and everything you have to offer.
  9. Examine your competitors to determine their activity and their success rate.
  10. Evaluate, redesign and optimize to remain competitive.


Hopefully, now you are clear about what needs to be done after you have generated cleaning leads from a website. In case I have left out anything particularly important, please mention in the comments below. Stay with us for double verified leads and insightful ways to convert them into sales.

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