Authentic B2B Leads and Confirmed Appointments

We deliver leads that have been generated and nurtured with care and precision to bring you the highest conversion rate for air duct cleaning leads.

Strategic Lead Funnel for Success

Look no further than towards what is now the META! We’ve actively evolved to accommodate the newer and more revised techniques that bring in higher conversions throughout all platforms.

Select your Demographic

Tell us where you’re looking and we will find the demographic that will help you rake in jobs that are the closest to you.

Job Based Approach

Only pick the leads you know will suit your work processes and the types of services which you provide.

Leads Awaiting Conversion

The process we apply ensures the true intent of each lead through several stages of strategic verification.

Revenue Share Model

A proactive income model that has been carefully devised to make all parties put their best foot forward.

Lead Generation Process

We’ve invested a good number of years in perfecting our lead generation process to garner in success.

Effective Lead Scrapping

We employ strategic methods to bring in fresh leads.

Double Verification

Making sure each lead is sure to convert is our primary goal.

DNC Scrubbed

Lead lists will not contain those listed in DNC lists to minimize risks

Updated and Revised

Each lead is nurtured with care and revised periodically for accuracy

No Aged Leads

Older and used leads that will no longer convert are removed or revised

Exclusive Leads

When we sell a lead, it will only be sold once to a single client only.


Invest In The Right Leads

To Scale Your Business

Our air duct leads generation or appointment setting is particularly meant for technicians looking for duct cleaning jobs throughout the year. Having over twelve years of experience in the duct and central heating and cleaning across the United States, now we are solely connecting commercial centers and property owners with HVAC engineers, depending on their respective location(s) of interest. From confirming appointments to managing calendars and updating spreadsheets, HVAC Leads Pro promises to streamline the whole process. Once an appointment is ensured, then all you have to do is visit the place for inspection, hand over an estimate, and carry out the job. Certainly, every verified appointment comes with a price.

Our Lead Generation Process

We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business.

Pay-Per-Lead Policy

Pay only for confirmed appts.

Money Back Guarantee

Refund in case of inaccurate leads

Follow Up & Nurture

Retain customers growing loyalty

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Fully-vested leads verified as well as qualified with the help of in-house telemarketing support before mailing the information to professional cleaners have an outstanding capacity of securing more contracts in a short time. • We always ensure certain parameters before labeling our leads as authentic or solid. • We train our telemarketers on a regular basis so they can pitch your services effectively, while fostering better relationship with clients. • The in-house QC team will work alongside with you down to the last minute until the appointment is set.

Our strategies are proven methods of leads compilation reading a various set of indicators; including prospects’ interest, their need and urgency. Leads are categorized by scoring matrix; • Hot lead – Customer is ready for hiring new cleaners urgently. • Warm lead– Customers might opt for a new cleaning service in a short time. • Solid lead– A customer is highly interested in considering your service.

Cleaning Leads Pro is currently offering digital marketing support, setting appointments or meetings for pro cleaners and following up on clients, which eventually save a lot of precious time for pro cleaners. We secure appointments for you at $300 or below: The patented system can follow-up on every proposal a company generates by investing a minimum $300 or below, as our patented technology has proven to close 40% more accounts. Our automated system enables our sales team to specialize on proposals, regardless the size. For customers opting for our service can choose either Platinum or Gold subscription packages that can close sales 25 times more accurately. Our Silver package is entitled to pay 40% of the closing amount on every appointment our telemarketing team will be setting up for you. Routinely follow-up on prospects: Our internal system is used for following up on proposals of all magnitudes. We assign a sales specialist to personally handle your proposal and further instructed to create rapport on customers. We develop strong relationship with our clients; as a result, the hospitality causes them to return to Cleaning Leads Leads Pro if they need to hire cleaners. Platinum and Gold subscriptions cost is only 20% of the closing proposal. Silver plan covers 30% on all closes.

Cleaning Leads Pro is always guaranteeing leads that have promising conversion rates. Each of our leads is shared with only two cleaning services only, whoever calls first can get to land the contract. The in-house quality manager is always verifying every lead to ensure those are real prospects that can afford to pay for cleaners. In case of bad leads, you will be credited instantly. We charge money only after an appointment is guaranteed.

Cleaning Leads Pro accepts all forms of payments apart from cash and check. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex and PayPal and Payoneer as well.

Our strategy is simple but effective. The team undergoes extensive training to ensure a friendly and warming customer relationship all the time. Despite the persistency among our agents, they are also trained enough to not irritate clients. They are motivated because of the commissions they are entitled on every appointment setting.

Our past prospects never become obsolete: Ducts or gutters are often left unattended by the majority of cleaning pros. Oftentimes, after the first proposal is unsuccessful, which does not necessarily mean that our leads get neglected or become obsolete afterward. On average, customers search for cleaning services every after 12 to 18 months of subscription with a specific cleaning company. As a result, our internal system and continuous search engine optimization will prioritize your profile every time year after year.

With our operations basing in New York, Cleaning Leads Pro now has the capacity to help cleaners reach to the remotest part of the US. Our appointment setting program is meant to facilitate contact between custodial cleaners and facility managers. Give us your preferred list of ZIP area codes for initiating campaigns.