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The challenging part of a startup is in finding potential leads that might be willing to buy your product or service. If you’re still in the planning phase, then the intensity of the challenge will be tenfold compared to the upcoming scenario. However, if you can implement the following techniques smartly, I am sure you will be generating cleaning leads or even jobs at a lot faster rate.

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Other than that, you can further implement a wide variation of tactics that will not cost a dime, but your time and energy.

And I can guarantee you that once you’ve gained enough traction, the amount of hard work you’ve been doing so far will get easier with time.

You must know that the Internet wasn’t quite an epidemic during the 2000s; hence, lead generation wasn’t as simple as it is today.

Naturally, I had to spend quite a long period of time at the local library, searching for names and addresses of individuals that lived in the same area.

To be honest, I spent most of my time looking for neighborhoods with relatively higher household incomes.

The City Directory List used to be the only reliable source of information for people like us.

Find out ways to generate cleaning leads by sitting home while saving a chunk load of money without investing in marketing.

The next phase involved filling each envelope with a personal business card, a flyer, and a letter addressed to a particular prospect explaining,

“Why to Choose Us For Cleaning Your Home.”

The letter must sound respectful while maintaining a professional tone throughout listing the services you’re willing to offer.

The following day I took out my bike and strolled across the neighborhoods for distributing those personally addressed envelopes.

6 out of 10 prospects would respond all the time!

However, the results were never instantaneous. It took at least a week for my business to start receiving phone calls from clients; and trust me, each successful conversion will delight you to the fullest, even though the job itself isn’t.

In less than eight months, my client base exceeded from 4 to 17. The moment had finally arrived for me to hire more technicians that required training for representing my company.

If the cleaners aren’t respectful, chances are those prospects would never consider calling you back ever again.

Eventually, my prospect list soon covered commercial spaces as well as beginning from 2008 and onwards.

I realized how enormously powerful Google started to get, which led me to invest in various websites.

Use Customer Directory List:

Customer directory lead lists are great sources for connecting with potential customers for cleaning service

I was particularly interested in servicing offices mainly due to the convenience involved in such projects.

I simply typed in “Offices” along with the “Zip Code” of an area I intended to serve. In seconds, Google revealed the results of my search along with location and email addresses.

Following lead compilation, I searched for both email as well as mailing addresses in order to reach every prospect via online and offline.

Now before you start emailing these prospects, it’s equally important that you decide on your ideal client base.

When you have a handful of clients with whom you really enjoy working with, you’ll soon realize that chasing after every client is a complete waste of time.

Figuring out the usual pain points for clients and methods you are to utilize for addressing every problem individually is also a matter of utmost importance.

Carpet Cleaning Leads using Google AdWords:

Business owners have the freedom of running multiple campaigns using Google AdWords that’s solely based on keyword searches of millions of users worldwide.

People are always referring to Google whenever they are looking for answers to their questions.

In addition to Google’s mind-boggling ability to answering questions from users, its algorithm is also advancing at a remarkable pace!

Search for keywords with maximum search volumes and bid on niche relevant keywords to get listed on the very first page of Google.

Through Google, users now have the ability to locate your outlet/office (if you have any) without stepping outside the comfort zone. Certainly, a useful platform for generating cleaning leads all throughout the year!

So, being a cleaner you can up the game by placing your ads directly in front of your target audience living in your area. Google allows you to specify every niche based on particular locations you’re ready to provide your service.

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I’d suggest you read through the Google AdWords policy first before you invest money there.

Or, you could invest in Facebook Ads, but avoid investing in both simultaneously.

Adopt a CRM (preferably a free one):

After you have instigated a campaign on Google, there is a greater possibility that more prospects are likely to sign up; as a result, a CRM (customer relationship management) software like the HubSpot Marketing will make your life much easier.

Using this tool you can easily compile data regarding each and every prospect in one location, which in return will assist you to become more organized.

Exceptional CRM software for automating the cleaning lead generation process. Organize data, outreach, follow up and finally close.

The reason I am recommending HubSpot Marketing is due to the wide variation of exciting features you are allowed to use for FREE.

Most importantly, the software allows you to monitor if the prospects have actually read your email and followed through any link you might have had included in your email. The software can add new prospects to your existing list of clients if you’d like to.

Lastly, join forums on social media to generate cleaning leads:

Discussions on forum clarify answers, come up with proper solutions for complicated questions and provides solutions,

There are numerous forums online through which people with similar interests are communicating and/or helping each other out.

Join those groups and start helping people with authentic information through blogs.

Keep in mind that the admins most frequently ban members due to vigorous promotion of any service/product; however, there’s no restriction on discussing usefully relevant content.

Connect with people, by giving them exactly what they’re searching online.


Tell them who you are and how you are going to help individuals that operate in the same industry.

Hopefully, everything discussed here will come to good use to you one day. Apart from that, stay with us for more insightful ways to generate cleaning leads really fast for free!

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