8 Simple Tools To Create Invoices for Cleaning Businesses

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For any cleaning business with a regular cash flow must maintain having an invoice template for charging their clients. Learn how to create invoices for your clients using eight simple and friendly free invoice generation software.

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Create an invoice using Google Docs:

Either tool can be used for generating a professional invoice following every project

Everyone’s pretty much aware of how remarkably useful Google Docs is with its brilliant sharing option, enabling you to create an invoice for free to later share with clients requesting for payments.

  • Firstly, sign in to your Google Drive account and click on “+ New”. Then hover the cursor on “Google Docs” for the drop-down menu to appear. There’s an arrow on the right, click on it to find the “Form a template” section.
  • When you’re on the “Template” folder, type in “Invoice” on the search bar and you will come across multiple designs for templates for picking the right one.
  • Then, all you have to do is fill out the form as per your requirements by adding your business logo, name, and other necessary fields.

Download a proper invoice template from QuickBooks:

Design one size fits all template for varying clients simply by altering their details.

You no longer need to download any software, simply because QuickBooks offers an entirely separate page to help you create an invoice.

  • Step 1: Fill out the necessary details about your cleaning business, especially, the owner’s name, address and the city in which you are currently residing.
  • Step 2: Provide information about your business, its website, email and phone number.
  • Step 3: Input details about your service, terms & agreement, and issue date of the invoice.
  • Step 4: Customize any invoice by adding a business logo while maintaining its branding in terms of color.

Lastly, either you can download the template for further modification or simply email your customer to request for payment with this invoice generation tool.

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Create invoice using MS Word:

This has a built-in template that generates invoices for free.

You can prepare professional invoices for your clients using MS Word if you are familiar with the tool.

But do keep in mind that creating an invoice using MS Word can be slightly tricky; moreover, you will have to rely on a third party for collecting the payment from customers online.

However, I am still going to talk about how to create invoices using MS Word for your sake.

  • Go to “File” and press “New” for the Word’s invoice template to show up.
  • Select the icon for the Invoice located in the dialog box.
  • You will need to set a professional-looking header with your business name, contact info and of course, a logo.
  • Input your customer’s information (name of the business, owner’s name, contact info, and logo) on the left-hand side of the invoice.
  • Always maintain an invoice number, date of release by keeping a separate field for payment due.

A table with headers – Item description, Quantity, Rate, Total and an empty space for the customer to put their signature.

There should be a separate box stating a discount if you’re giving any.

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The very first invoice generation tool and still popular among businesses of all scale.

Create invoices using MS Excel Sheet:

  • It allows cleaning service providers to prepare neatly organized invoices choosing from multiple templates.
  • Initiate a new Workbook located in the “File” menu by clicking the Invoice icon.
  • You can choose an invoice design depending on what you are selling, it will be related to service for cleaning businesses.
  • Likewise, there are fields as usual that need to be placed, e.g. business entity name, contact info, date of issue, payment terms, discount (if any), and signature.

By maintaining an invoice number it will be easier to determine the number of clients you have serviced so far.

On a neatly drawn table description, quantity, rate, total and signature of customers must be placed.


You will know the instant a client views your invoice! So, there’s no scope of avoiding to pay your due(s).

One of the best things about Wave is that it’s particularly intended for small businesses such as cleaning and freelancers who do their own accounting.

Most importantly, the main perk in being a freelancer is having the liberty to work from anywhere and anytime, so why should the payment stop?

With this cloud-based software, you can generate invoices for free as well as prepare reports on your monthly cash flow to keep track of your revenue and expense.

The best part of this Wave invoice generation tool is that it saves you from constantly pondering whether your invoice is acknowledged or not as it lets you know the instant it gets viewed.

Paper Free Billing:

Another invoice generation tool with a wide assortment of features that include making PDF as well as HTML format invoices to look more professional.

This tool further allows you to accept partial payments while reminding your client about overdue (if any) and sending out “Thank You” note following every payment they make.

You can indicate a transaction as a recurrent payment, thus automatically sending out a reminder to the client on a specific date adjusted by you.

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Lastly, this invoice generation tool further enables you to review all transactions of your business so you can easily track all your expenses as well as incomes.


Create an invoice and share its link with clients in less than 30 seconds!

Do you want to prepare a decent looking invoice in under 30 seconds and share it with your client in real-time?

You simply need to input information once, and then the fields will fill up automatically the next time whenever you need to send out an invoice, all you have to do is just edit the customer info.

Once an invoice is made, you can simply email the link to your client who in return, can either download the PDF or view your receipt online.

Simply check the option “Recurring Invoice” to set a specific date on which the invoice will be sent automatically; therefore, you will no longer forget about collecting payments.

End-to-end data encryption will protect all your sensitive information online.

Generate invoice using Invoicely:

The Invoicely tool is a free software equipped with exciting tools for managing the finances of your business.

You can generate professional looking invoices along with estimates in almost every language and currency around the globe.

Invoice generating tool with eight different languages.

Unlike MS Word or Excel, the Invoicely has a built-in Stripe payment retrieval capable of collecting your online payments easily.

The tool even allows you to create invoices based on a per-hour or per-mileage basis; therefore, quite reliable for logistics support providers at the same time.

Most importantly, you can make your brand stand out from the ordinary by customizing the invoice.

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If you are still struggling with creating a proper invoice to share with your client, just let us know and we would love to help you, absolutely free of charge!

Stay with Cleaning Leads Pro for more helpful and relevant information on the cleaning industry.

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