Innovate Your Cleaning Services With These Six Techniques

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As 2018 continues to approach its end with newer and more innovative tools coming up, the challenge is in keeping up with them for surviving the competition. The purpose of this article is to help you identify 6 crucial techniques for innovating cleaning services in the shortest possible time.

Janitorial or custodial cleaning services must refrain from the conventional means of doing business, and instead adopt the latest techniques to ensure greater efficiency in the long run.

Keep in mind that the following techniques have to be practiced diligently throughout the year before you can observe any significant results.

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  • Figure out their pain points:

    Hear your clients first as closely as possible and then come up with feasible solutions for them to tackle their problems.

Before visiting any prospective client in person, the best practice would be to inquire about the common problems they are experiencing at this moment.

Now, once you are completely aware of what’s going on, you will gain a clearer insight; hence, it will be quite easier to convince that person during the upfront interview.

If you have a website, then create a separate page where visitors to your site can state out exactly what they are expecting from you.

Once you have those inquiries compiled, you can later hire an appointment scheduling support to call and verify those leads.

As you begin to approach every prospect by keeping their needs your first priority, they are likely to leave positive reviews on your social media account.

Apart from creating a separate page, you can utilize any of the following tools such as:

  1. Google Sheets: There are plenty of productivity tools offered by Google, and one such tool is their Spreadsheet tool. Using this method you will be able to compile info as well as problems encountered by a prospect. Here’s a sample spreadsheet you can use as a sample.
  2. AirTable: To help your newly hired executives, the AirTable can be a great tool for preparing flowcharts. Truly an amazing tool offering enormous flexibility that will result in maximum work satisfaction to your team.

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There are multiple tools to choose from, but these two are my favorites, which I believe could help to streamline your business.

  • Employee satisfaction and retention:

    According to Richard Branson, whenever the employees are satisfied to work under your supervision, they’re more likely to look after your clients.

Now, you need to be aware of your employees and their demands equally if you wish to sustain them in the long run. Cleaners are going to represent your business; therefore, they have to be paid generously so they work with the utmost concentration.

Human beings are complex creatures that need to be constantly motivated. So make sure that you learn about their feedback as many times as you collect reviews from your clients, apart from paying them a reasonable wage rate.

1 hour of feedback compilation every week can be adequately useful for understanding your technicians from their feedback after every week.

As a manager, this process could help by giving you insights about the people that will walk the talk for you.

Read how you can encourage your people to work alongside your service in the long run.

  • Explaining in their native language:

Oftentimes, you will find it difficult to explain your cleaners in English because it’s not their native tongue.

There were instances when after explaining a job thoroughly to a Mexican, I figured nothing was understood by them, simply because they didn’t know English whereas, the frequent nods implied affirmation.

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to learn a foreign language, as there’s Google Translator available to do it for you.

Frequent usage of either cleaning software or apps will certainly result in making you one of the innovative cleaning services in your area.

As a manager, if you’re able to connect with your people they feel respected growing a sense of belonging in your company.

Proper guidance and mentorship will make your employees remember you as a leader.

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  • Guide your team off-site as well:

It may not be possible to accompany your team even if they are perfectly capable of communicating in English and knows exactly the things to be achieved through the services offered.

During those moments, the best and viable option would be to utilize the Google Cloud.

Simply state out the objectives on a Google Docs file exactly according to your client’s demands and make sure each of the boxes is ticked off following the cleaning process.

This could be useful for setting objectives for technicians and things you would expect them to complete.

  • Collect reviews from followers:

Social media is an amazing tool that facilitates the way businesses communicate; therefore, make the most use of it as much as possible.

Maintain a Facebook page and start inviting people to Like or Follow your page as you continue to provide them with useful industry-relevant information.

Once you reach a substantial number, the next task will be to put surveys in action.

Surveys can act as reliable sources of data to help you understand your clients closely.

Information related to their preferences as well as dislikes, including the likely innovative cleaning services they seek.

Emailing can take significantly longer to reach compared to social media like Facebook Messenger; certainly, a practice adopted by innovative cleaning services worldwide.

Give your clients the chance to speak and share their thoughts about you. This will improve your chances of continuous improvement with time.
  • Adopt a different hiring approach:

Needless to say that your team is the most valuable asset of a company; therefore, hiring the right team is crucial for success.

The hiring process of cleaners needs to be streamlined for effective recruiting. They need to be qualified based on skills rather than educational background.

But I believe you have always known that, right?

Hiring the right people isn’t like hiring someone that would be willing to work anytime and anywhere, but someone that is willing to commit to your business in the long run.

In this business, you must be prepared to work during night shifts; therefore, hiring someone willing to work at night will be the best hire for your cleaning service.

Wrapping it up:

I know that skimming through multiple CVs can be tiring, which is why I am going to recommend software that will receive proposals, aligned to the job criteria.

I hope this guide has worked out for you well enough. So sign up with our program today for receiving cleaning jobs daily.

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