Ways to Maximize Profits from Small Office Cleaning Jobs

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Janitorial services usually pay out mint money as there are cleaning contracts available, either big or small office cleaning jobs. Some jobs pay more while others might get you minimal profits. Usually, in the case of small office cleaning jobs, it will cost you money to get those contracts, and holding onto such small-scale cleaning projects can be tricky because small offices do not consider the luxury of a janitorial service.

Oftentimes there are ways to maximize ROI off such small office cleaning contracts.

Such projects are available in large numbers offering minimal pay, but certain techniques could result in greater return if implemented properly.

Follow these steps make sure you purse those extra profits from small office cleaning jobs alone.

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What makes small office cleaning jobs sensitive?

Clients can be picky and they are also concerned about expenses at the same time.

So, to make ends meet and make both parties agree on one agreement, you will need to take into consideration certain things to make the most out of small office cleaning jobs.

Simply by raising prices isn’t going to be enough as these clients can always hire cheaper solutions.

Adding value to a company is equivalent to adding a missing piece that makes it complete.

It is vital to keep in mind that the key to maximizing profits from small cleaning contracts is by bringing in value to your clients, which is likely to get you noticed in the long run.

Maximizing profits on the go:

Continuous profiting is a challenge from small office cleaning jobs.

Maximizing profits off of small offices is a vague concept. Such offices tend to look for cheap and feasible options, and oftentimes, ignoring the quality of work and transparency.

Maximizing profits from these small cleaning jobs requires close monitoring of the long term plan while making sure that every client returns for your services.

To make that happen you need to steady your relationship with clients and further encourage them with discounts in exchange for referrals.

It sounds like a tricky ordeal but in the long run, you will have an extended client-base.

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This is a well-known strategy used by many as your profits will begin to accumulate by creating a defining moment that you had been working so hard for.

Time block method:

The time block method is one of the most famous and well-known methods which is applied to not only increase profits but also work efficiency.

It also streamlines the work routine by helping you focus on certain jobs during specific periods.

Segmenting tasks based on specific time frames helps to finish more projects.

You will need to set time aside for certain jobs and micromanage your routine tasks throughout the week.

Another common method is revenue block time which is an important addition to your regular time block.

Revenue time block implements the setting aside of time to focus on brainstorming, where you discuss new ways of growth. To extract higher profits from small office cleaning jobs, you will need to assign these jobs to the right people first, and for good reasons.[/blockquote]

Small office cleaning jobs are usually done quite fast and when they notice that you’re putting them first, it will give them a clear reason to be working with you.

  • Knowing how much to charge for certain timings can also help you out since timing for small offices can mean a lot.

Maintaining a customer or client relationship:

Maximizing profits from small offices requires you to focus on areas that don’t include price increment.

Small office clients are usually very fickle when it comes to the cleaning industry so rather than losing the contract altogether, you must maintain a good client relationship.

This includes everything from building rapport with the clients to asking them the various scope of work involved.

Client relationship management is a very promising strategy, which is what separates Amazon from the rest.

Customers need to feel connected to businesses all the time.

It gives the clients a positive view of your cleaning business by nurturing a strong relationship between stakeholders. Prioritize your clients first and know them closely, in turn, by generating a sense of belonging at the same time.

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Proper marketing and advertisement:

Marketing your services to your client is as important as getting the work done. Proper marketing is what attracts clients to your business while also portraying the image of your cleaning service accurately.

Proper marketing, whether it’s on paper, or on the internet through display ads helps your clients to see exactly who you are and where you stand.

Marketing adverts also provide a very good overview of prices attached to corresponding services.

It is seeing these ads that your future clients can decide which amongst the many cleaning businesses they will pick.

Keep it short, clean and friendly to attract the most promising clients since small offices aren’t usually too rigid on formalities or professionalism.

Moreover, proper marketing will also clearly reveal exactly what you’re bringing to the table.

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Marketing is the first step in building a bridge between yourselves and the clients from which you can reap your rewards.

If marketed correctly, you can get clients to pick your business even if the cost of your services is more than that of your competitors.

Promotional offers are enticing:

Building a good image for your cleaning service is a vital step to maximizing your profits, and what better way to accomplish that goal than by offering discounts to your initial clients?

Discounts for a limited time period leads to urgent sale at the same time.

An offer can be anything ranging from a free service to promotional discounts or extra services for your clients.

Introducing exclusive offers to only specific clients can nurture your relationship with them and make your cleaning business successful by attracting small offices in the same areas.

After you hand over an estimate, remember to follow up on them if they take more than 24 hours to get back to you.

Run the extra mile for client satisfaction:

Clients from small offices can be picky in most cases and building a successful office cleaning business will ensure goodwill.

Whether it be restocking their toilet supplies or fixing a broken light bulb, you will only be building a positive image for yourself and create the value of your cleaning business.

The little acts of kindness hit the right spots for small office managers.

Improve work efficiency:

It is something which is overlooked, in most cases, and also the sole reason for losing profits.

Productivity breeds greater ROI from cleaning jobs.

Saving money is as good as making money, and what other ways to save money besides increasing work efficiency?

Wasteful work procedures can cost your cleaning business quite a lot of money especially with its cumulative properties.

Inefficiency is also taken into note by clients who usually scrutinize every bit of work.

Having well-trained staff who make the best of the available resources is the key to good efficiency which in turn can maximize your profits from small office cleaning jobs.


Small office cleaning jobs are easier smaller jobs but it is possible to maximize your profits from these alone. The key to making larger profits from small office cleaning projects relies on the perceived value of your service. Clients are generally willing to opt for affordable cleaning services. Managing proper client relationships is vital due to their fickle nature; moreover, clients of this category generally appreciate the extra efforts you put on your work. Implement these techniques and you can be on your way to maximizing revenue altogether.

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