Qualities of Reliable Office Cleaning Leads and How to Get Them

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Starting up any janitorial service can be challenging; hence, it is important that you gather up the right team and establish legit and recurrent client-base beforehand. It usually takes a while before a janitorial service can solidify their business. Whether for the old or new, reaching the clients is the most challenging part. The right office cleaning leads will point any janitorial cleaning company in the right direction.

Yet cleaners may often inquire regarding the reliability of such leads, particularly commercial, and the slightest inaccuracy of information often changes their decision.  

So, what factors decide the reliability of office cleaning leads? Why commercial cleaning companies should be investing in cleaning leads anyway? Continue reading to find out.   

All you need to know about Leads: 

Leads refer to a contact that is willing to avail of your cleaning service right away.   

There are potential clients looking for a helping hand, while oftentimes they’ve either put the task aside or forgotten about it.  

These leads are generated by third-party providers, such as us Cleaning Leads Pro as we schedule appointments at the same time.  

The option of reaching to any client at any time comes at a price, given the fact that there’s an investment of time and people behind every appointment scheduled. 

It is in the best interest of all janitorial services to know if these leads are actual prospects before they invest money into leads.  

Take an in-depth look into what makes our office cleaning leads or jobs reliable.  

How reliable are the janitorial leads by Cleaning Leads Pro?  

Janitorial services are hugely demanded nationwide due to the pandemic; moreover, it is a known fact that more facility managers today have been hiring only the services closely aware of the cleaning standards imposed by WHO.

These managers are also prioritizing these cleaners since they possess the knowledge, as well as the equipment or chemicals required for ultimate sanitation.

The bridge between a facility manager and a cleaning service provider is us, and we make sure that our commercial cleaning leads are actually willing as well as capable of spending money on you. 

Able and willing prospects:  

Leads are prospects who are actively searching for your products or services depending on whatever you’re selling (commercial cleaning in this case).

A cold lead is another prospect who may have forgotten or delayed the task of availing your service and has to be reminded.

Individuals are contacted so the potential clients can also demand their needs.

Our office cleaning leads are ready to meet and willing to have their cleaning needs met and a confirmed appointment is generated between our cleaner and the manager.

When you have a list of leads for office cleaning jobs, it’s a phone call away from getting the job done and receiving your payment. 

Cleaning leads/job and type: 

There are many different types of cleaning jobs that a client might be looking for, and it is in their best interest to hire certified janitors during this pandemic.

Leads are sorted into categories making them easier for janitorial services to choose.

Commercial cleaning services might be looking for leads for a certain type of cleaning job, and that too is already generated as a verified appointment for them.

It may be a hassle to get clients for the type of jobs they want to do.

In the case of small offices or departmental stores, they require a certain type of cleaning process.

Cleaning Leads Pro is perfectly capable of generating perfect appointments for you. Closeby to your location.

Automate your promotional activities:  

Getting clients for your janitorial service requires proper marketing, however, marketing itself is a tedious job.

Marketing can also be expensive, and sometimes may not be as effective as you’d expect them to be due to improper strategies being followed.

Leads can help janitorial service providers skip the marketing process and connect with prospects who are genuinely ready to spend their money on your product or service.

This saves them a lot of time by providing them with clients who are already aware of what they will be getting.

All in all, CleaningLeadsPro.com will cover each of your marketing grounds and generate appts. on your behalf.

Setting up an appointment: 

Lead generation usually tackles the important bits, such as getting past the gatekeeper, the assistant.

This would cost janitorial service providers a lot of time to process and eventually schedule an appointment.

It is our duty to discuss beforehand their time of availability based on which a convenient appointment date will be ensured.

The janitors in our network will then simply have to meet the manager and provide them an estimate in exchange for a small fee that we charge before handing over any appointment.

We will further notify you in case the manager or you may decide to reschedule the appointment.

Agreements or contracts to sign: 

Janitorial service providers often find it difficult to convince their prospects or take away a significant portion of their time whereas you could focus on deliverance instead.

Leads are potential customers who have already agreed to your terms and conditions already, all you just have to do is to get them to sign your janitorial contract.

They also agree on the pricing, type of cleaning work, and an appropriate time for the appointment so our technician can visit to inspect and provide an estimate.

Janitorial lead generators do the talking to make sure the clients are in agreement with their affiliated janitorial service provider.  

Time and resources optimized: 

Janitorial contractors look for superior management because outsourcing the janitorial telemarketing task can save time and money if a proper team is working behind the scenes and around the clock!

It is a known fact that marketing itself can cost a lot of time and money; whereas, setting up a client for a job can also be a time-consuming procedure.

This might stretch for days at length, and only money spent in this case is for generating these leads.

Certainly, it is nothing compared to the time any janitorial service might invest in other crucial matters.  

Filled in details of a contract:

Communicating with a client to get their information can itself be a long and painstaking ordeal for janitorial business, particularly during when there are frequent inquiries coming in.

This process can often result in hasty information gathering, thereby, leading to inaccurate information gathering.

Lead generation makes sure that a lead comes in with all details listed.

As a result, the information should be collected by an individual with the ability to engage people on the phone. It’s crucial to maintain marketing ethics while collecting data on every prospect. 

The data is double-verified so our janitors can blindly rely on the accuracy of information we gather for them. 

Opportunities beyond leads: 

Genuine and reliable leads are double-checked to make sure the information presented in them is also updated.

Every lead is a potential client who may in fact be looking to hire a commercial cleaning service on the basis of a long term agreement. 

This poses itself as a good opportunity for janitorial service providers as more opportunities emerge in front of them.

Leads that you can trust:  

Small office managers may sometimes be unaware of your availability, hence, might end up calling the same service as his friends or neighbor might be using.

Even though this CoVID-19 pandemic surged the demand for commercial cleaners, yet it’s wiser to remind these facility managers about you either via phone call or an email.

When janitorial service providers get leads for small offices, they can rest assured that these are clients who are already waiting for their call and visit. 

Finding the needle in the haystack: 

Hunting down potential clients either owning or running small offices and organizations can be a complicated job, which is when we step in and try to make life easier for our technicians.

Janitorial services can count on leads that are also verified appointments.

The task of finding these willing clients is the responsibility of lead generators.

Once you will start noticing your calendar filling up with appointments, you will definitely start feeling better. 


Leads can transcend the growth of any commercial cleaning services if they are sourced from reliable vendors. Leads have been assisting janitorial businesses for a long time, and today, Cleaning Leads Pro averages between 8 to 12 confirmed appts. every day for each of our clients.

We double-check our leads and continue to work alongside our clients until the day of their visit. So give us a call today, and let us know if you have any questions. 

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