5 Reliable Janitorial Cleaning Services in Phoenix

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Cleaning services are there to make our life safer as well as easier, particularly during this pandemic. The competition among cleaning services in Phoenix is relatively high, particularly in this pandemic. It would be a breeze having specialists come over to your house or office and conduct a thorough clean up. The cleaning covers the entire place, ensuring the safety of everyone in the building. The extra effort often goes ignored with the negligence of shoddy cleaning. There are many boasting themselves as the best cleaning services, and it is up to us to bring you the best in the business in your area. The five best janitorial businesses in Phoenix are listed below. 

They can provide the best methods and procedures for cleaning which you desire. It is essential to know the best out there to get that perfect cleaning for that desired price.   

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The Best in Phoenix:

The best cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona, boasts of being the best in the cleaning industry.

None by far are better than the ones listed below.

  • Each cleaning business has its own set of specialties and can offer you precisely what you need.
  • Only after thorough research of countless cleaning businesses, we came up with this list.

Rest assured, it will not disappoint you in any way possible.

These janitorial services specialize in cleaning carpets all the way to taking care of filthy old air ducts.

Furthermore, these cleaning businesses cater to needs with a team of specialized experts, always ready to get that job done.

Wave House Cleaning:

Wave House Cleaning is one of Phoenix’s newest cleaning companies, initiated in 2008 by Juan Carlos and Kelly Alvarez.

The cleaning company is dedicated to getting you the best equipment and certified cleaners that the industry has to offer.  

Wave House Cleaning by the fire of passion and the willingness for excellence.

This cleaning team intends to be at your doorstep a phone call away.

[highlight background=”” color=””]Wave House cleaning is in service starts from 8 am to 6 pm every day except Sundays.[/highlight]

It offers a wide array of services for its clients.

Services offered by Wave House Cleaning:
  1. Wave House Cleaning offers two distinct packages for all its clients.
  2. They are available for new or old clients, depending on their needs.
Initial cleaning:
  1. The initial cleaning is the service, which is for new clients.
  2. Those have signed up for the cleaning, including a full evaluation and cleanup of the entire area.
  3. The costs involved may vary depending on the types of cleaning the area requires.
  4. It is then determined after evaluation and the size of the site itself.
  1. This service is for existing clients who have an existing contract.
  2. It includes a maintained clean up of their home or office regularly.
  3. The costs will depend on the cleaning chosen by the client.  

The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist is a well-known cleaning business and has been there since 1995, and operating out of Scottsdale, North Phoenix.

It is a family-owned organization that has stood the test of time and has satisfied many clients.

  • The Perfectionist boasts expertise in general house cleaning, ranging from upholstery all the way to tile, grout, and window cleaning.
  • As a family-owned business, it also boasts affordability with competitive pricing. It also has a no-contract policy.
  • The Perfectionist is also involved in many charitable endeavors with the community and flaunts good work ethics.
  • The Perfectionist can cater to your needs throughout the week from 7 am to 5 pm.

They are closed Sundays, so you’d need to book your appointments in accordance.

The services offered by The Perfectionist can depend upon what you’re looking for.   

Services Offered by The Perfectionist  

Overall home cleaning: 

The Perfectionist aims at general home cleaning.

Its highly trained cleaners are bound to give that extra effort to bring the best satisfaction for homeowners.

It offers the best carpet cleaning services, which will revive the fresh look of carpets.

  • Upholstery cleaning is also provided for furniture which needs regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • The floor cleaning services cover everything from the tiles to the grouts.
  • The perfectionists are also an expert at cleaning windows.  

Tidy Casa:

Tidy Casa is one of the best names in Phoenix. It flaunts its expertise with legal documentation.

Tidy Casa is owned and operated by professionals ensuring a 200% satisfaction.

  • Tidy Casa uses cleaning products that are eco-friendly and safe for everyone.
  • Flat prices or sometimes discounts for their regular clients for maintaining long-term relationships.
  • Tidy Casa operates all over Phoenix, Arizona, from Scottsdale to Tempe.
  • They employ trained professionals who are there to give homeowners the best cleaning.

The business operates throughout the week except for Sundays.

The services offered by Tidy Casa covers every cleaning a house can receive.  

Services by Tidy Casa:
  1. Tidy Casa offers a wide array of services for every aspect of cleaning.
  2. They back this claim up with their professional cleaning background.  
Residential cleaning services:
  1. The residential cleaning service covers every sort of cleaning for homeowners.
  2. Every living space has its own specialized form of cleaning offered by Tidy Casa.  
Move-in move-out cleaning:
  1. This cleaning service is for those moving houses.
  2. Tidy Casa will clean every place with the utmost precision.   
Commercial cleaning:    
  1. A thoroughly well planned for cleaning of offices and commercial buildings.
  2. It usually ranges in price depending on the area of the premises.   

Pro Housekeepers:

Cleaning service providers in Phoenix can’t get any better when it comes to Pro Housekeepers.

It is one of the best in the business when it comes to overall cleaning.

Pro Housekeepers offers flexibility for its customers and clients with excellent pricing.

  • They have highly trained professionals and will cater to all sorts of cleaning needs.
  • Pro Housekeepers also has an app for the customers.
  • It allows them to stay in touch and manage their cleaning with ease. 
  • Moreover, Pro Housekeepers have ensured all their products and services are eco friendly.

Pro Housekeepers also offer massive discounts for their regular clients or customers.

The business is operational throughout the week, excluding Sundays.

The services provided by Pro Housekeepers covers all cleaning jobs for residential homes.  

Services by Pro Housekeepers:  
  1. Pro Housekeepers will look into all aspects of cleaning for your house or office.
  2. Their excellent service statement is evident in what their clients have to say.  
Residential cleaning:  
  1. Pro Housekeepers offer an outstanding array of cleaning services for residential buildings.
  2. The costs for its benefits may vary depending on services and area.  
Corporate office cleaning:  

Pro Housekeepers specializes in office cleaning jobs at a reasonable price.   

Repair service: 
  1. Pro Housekeepers can offer you handyman services for anything which needs repairs.
  2. This service is exclusive to Pro Housekeepers.  

Merry Maids:  

One of the best cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona, by far, has to be Merry Maids.

It is a cleaning company which has stood firm with 40 years of experience.

  • Merry Maids also has a considerable number of satisfied clients.
  • Merry Maids promises a safe cleaning experience using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Their pricing might seem higher compared to other cleaning services.
  • Yet Merry Maids is the best cleaning service, and good service demands a reasonable price.

Interested clients can book a free estimate with Merry Maids at any time while operating throughout the US and Canada, including Phoenix, Arizona.

Having the biggest and the most professionally trained crew, Merry Maids is bound to provide you a 100% worry-free guarantee.

It is operational only on working days, including Saturday; however, clients can reschedule their appointments whenever necessary.  

Services by Merry Maids:  
  1. Merry Maids offers overall service for any home or office cleaning with a free estimate.
  2. Upon evaluation and agreement, a price quote will be drawn out before you hire their services.  

Things to consider before hiring an office cleaning service:  

There are lots of well-known and reliable cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is in our hands to decide which cleaning service you would want to go for; however, before selecting the right provider, you need to know what services you need.

  • It is also essential to know exactly how much are you willing to pay for the services.
  • You wouldn’t want to end up paying excessively for unnecessary cleaning.
  • Another vital point to note is the timing and location of the cleaning service providers.

Accessibility is an important factor when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.  


Not much needs to be said about the lineup up of cleaning service providers in Phoenix, Arizona. It is bustling with the best in the business. Each cleaning service provider has its own expertise and pricing policies so that clients can choose from variations; moreover, they are also delivering proper eco-friendly sanitation for everyone.  

Hire the best in Phoenix for that excellence in cleaning services. 

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